Download Turbo Pascal 5.5 Free Program

Turbo Pascal is a system software development consisting of compiler and environment integrated development (Integrated Development Environment – IDE) for pascal programming language for the operating system CP / M, CP/M-86 and MS-DOS,developed by Borland at the time of Philippe Kahn’s leadership. Download Free Turbo Pascal 5.5 Name of Borland Pascal is generally used for packet-level software continued (with more literature and library source code standards) while the cheaper version and the most widely used named as Turbo Pascal.

Name of Borland Pascal is also used as a specific dialect of artificial Borland Pascal. Borland Turbo Pascal masih digunakan sebagai materi yang dipelajari sebagai mata pelajaran atau mata kuliah di beberapa sekolah, dan universitas di Jerman, dan Amerika. Di Beligia, Romania, Serbia, Moldova dan Bulgaria Turbo Pascal digunakan bahkan di sekolah menengah tingkat pertama. Namun di Afrika selatan, Turbo Pascal tidak lagi digunakan, melainkan menggunakan Delphi dan Java.

Borland has developed three old versions of Turbo Pascal in free due to its long history for version 1.0,3.02, and 5.5 running on MS-DOS operating system. Free Download Turbo Pascal 5.5. Borland Turbo Pascal is still used as the material being studied as a subject or subjects in some schools, and universities in Germany, and America. In Beligia, Romania, Serbia, Moldova Bulgaria Turbo Pascal and used even in high school first. But in southern Africa, Turbo Pascal is no longer used, but using Delphi and Java.

Download Turbo Pascal 5.5 Free Program

Some teachers prefer the Turbo Pascal 5.5 Free Download due to much simpler than the existing modern IDE This (like Visual Studio or Borland JBuilder), thus they can focus more on the teaching of languages, and not on how to operate the IDE.

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